Only Art: New York Condo is a Gallery Showcase of Art & Style

From Margaret Everton on March 1, 2010 in New York

New York City living spaces may not always be spacious. But there’s no reason they shouldn’t be beautiful. Here’s how Janna Bullock takes a Plaza condo overlooking 5th Ave and Central Park, and turns it into an artistic haven, making the condo a work of art all its own.

Living Room

new york condo living room It hits you in the face — and not just because of the larger-than-life portrait on the far wall. The living room space makes you want to stop and stare. Strategically arranged furniture with retreating lines and comforting curves gives way to allow the wall art to take center stage. The Chuck Close piece and Ritchie painting bring a sense of electric power into the room.

new york plaster sculpture

George Segal made this “Woman in an Armchair” plaster piece, which further contributes to the room’s lifelike energy.

new york condo mosaic

As a complement to the serenity of the Kate Moss portrait, this McCollum Hydro-Stone installation on the opposite wall infuses texture and vigor.

Media Room

new york condo entertainment room The theme of the media room is also very striking, but uses several levels of communication to convey its near-spiritual feel. The Audrey Hepburn eye photograph is an overt statement of the room’s theme. Everywhere you turn, the room is a washed-out white tone, which makes the vivid red draping and Franca Stagi ribbon chairs that much more powerful.

Dining Nook

new york condo dining room The energy of the living room gives way to simplicity in the dining room. Here, that simplicity is reflected in the monochrome theme, red accents, and minimalist furniture design. The Angelo Mangiarotti table is the only feature that is not minimalist, but its marble whiteness gives it the quiet approach that is required to fit in.

Guest Bedroom

new york condo guest bedroom Even the guest bedroom takes the artistic power to a new level, by inspiring the deceptive white and black with a vivid Aya Takano piece and red Chippendale-style chair.

new york condo furniture art

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