Old Victorian Gets a Crazy "Blue" Makeover

From Margaret Everton on June 16, 2010 in New York

While most people fall in love with Victorian homes because of their architecture and charm, it doesn’t take long before they realize the style’s obvious shortcoming: cramped rooms in desperate need of some natural lighting. So when a NYC family with four young boys moved into a double-wide Victorian townhouse on the Upper East Side, they knew they had their work cut out for them. After architect Eric J. Smith completely reconfigured the interior structure of the home, William Diamond and Anthony Baratta of Diamond Baratta Design moved forward with a design that drew from their rich artistic backgrounds. In the end, they managed to fuse tradition with contemporary. new york blue living room The family had one request when it came to their home’s design: use kid-friendly elements and lots of blue. This was achieved in the living room with a couch capable of hiding dirt and plenty of blue accents. new york breakfast nook The dining room shows off the new open floor plan with ample windows, a garden view, and more than enough natural lighting. new york blue kitchen Extra seating in the kitchen is perfect for lounging around while cooking a family meal. Think you’ve seen enough blue already? Check out the attached seating area. new york windowsnew york artwork The color palette is expanded somewhat in the foyer with a bright painting by Mark Remold. A fantastic 1930s Jean Perzel fixture hangs from the ceiling. new york blue staircase Even the spiral powder-coated staircase by the Old Steel Shoppe creates a sense of wonder, while porthole lights make the space appear to be underwater. With their old Victorian updated and decked out in their favorite color, this New York family feels right at home. Now if they ever tried to sell, my guess would be that some painting would be in order...

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