Old School Charm with New-Age Functionality

From Margaret Everton on April 2, 2010 in Minneapolis

While Susan Segal and Myron Frans loved the original woodwork and intricate details of their 1908 home in the Lowry Hill neighborhood of Minneapolis, the choppy kitchen layout was an immediate source of contention for the couple. The original construction allowed space for an ice box, an addition that was simply taking up room and making the back porch cramped and the interior feel like a maze. That’s when Todd Hansen of Albertsson-Hansen Architecture and Mike Stordahl Construction came to the rescue. minneapolis functional kitchen The end-result turned out to be much more than a simple remodel. Not only did the new design allow for much more kitchen counter space, but it also created a welcoming layout for the sunroom, backyard and kitchen. Although quite a bit needed some tweaking, Hansen made it a point to ensure that some of the original elements that worked in the space, like the cabinets, were kept in place. New additions, like “Absolute Black” granite countertops and pale green ceramic tiles for the kitchen walls added to the already existing classic charm. After Segal viewed the work of artisan Scott Weaver, owner of Weaver Tile in Horton, Michigan, a collection of Weaver’s handmade tiles were added around the fireplace as well. minneapolis functional dining roomOriginally, the kitchen seemed to need the facelift, but in the end it was the sunroom that required the most attention. New windows were added in the space, along with a refinished floor, insulation and radiant heating to keep it warm in the winter months. Afterwards, the couple hired Close Landscape Architecture to lend some TLC to their backyard. Several “needle in a haystack finds” from local antique stores brought the entire remodel together. For this couple, bringing functionality to their home didn’t mean losing what made it special in the first place.

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