Even Farmhouses Can Have Style…

May 24, 2010 in New York

Black and white might not seem like a very creative color scheme, but this farmhouse-turned-glamour-abode in New York uses the color pair to strut its stuff like nobody’s business. Designed by Schappacher White, there isn’t... read full post →

Sleek and Minimalist 360 Loft in Hell’s Kitchen

May 21, 2010 in New York

Modern meets urban chic in the 360 Loft by Schappacher White. A New York residence, the design is kept simple and minimalist to let the city do all the talking. This property had its beginning as a button factory in Hell’s... read full post →

Storage Shed-Turned-Adorable Retreat

May 03, 2010 in New York

With an extended family that wasn’t shy about stopping by and teenagers that required a large amount of space, Peggy Loundy and her husband Mike were itching for a getaway of their own. What resulted was a reconfigured shed... read full post →

An Experiment in Zinc: NY Beach House Given Special Sealant

May 03, 2010 in New York

Creating a sustainable home in an area where the weather is unforgiving can be a challenge, but Della Valle Bernheimer was able to construct this vacation home in New York State from a rather underused material: natural zinc. It’s... read full post →

New York Prefab: Perfect Dose of R&R

April 02, 2010 in New York

Prefab homes are in high demand – and for good reason. Besides the fact that they come ready-to-assemble and cut down immensely on leftover waste, they also have the ability to work with the landscape instead of against it. This prefab... read full post →
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