New Life for a 1920's Sears Catalog House

From Margaret Everton on August 31, 2010 in Seattle

seattle second story addition

Originally a 1920’s Sears Catalog House, this home in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle certainly came with some old-school charm. That was precisely why the homeowners believed that adding a second story would be a bit of a challenge—one that the famous Bosworth Hoedemaker Architecture felt more than comfortable taking on.

seattle addtion sears

Hoping to keep with the unique design of the Pagoda-style Bungalow, the addition needed to be as inconspicuous as possible. With that in mind, the architects set the second story within the existing roof. In addition, they used the same detailing as was used in the original design to construct the addition.

Here are the before and after shots depicting the change:

before second story additionafter second story additionAfter!

Now that is some serious creativity at work. I imagine that most people wouldn’t know the addition was ever an addition at all…

second story addition stairs

Tall, white baseboards bring out the fabulously updated color scheme. The bright yellow around the staircase also accentuates the natural lighting.

seattle second story bathroom

Additions like this master suite show the homeowners’ devotion to maintaining a clean and classic feel throughout the home.

Clearly, second stories don’t have to be bulky and overpowering. This humble addition fits in beautifully with the surrounding neighborhood. Well done!

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