Need a Backyard for Your Kids? How About the Roof?

From Margaret Everton on April 7, 2010 in San Francisco

Unfortunately for those attached to city living, a backyard is generally not in the cards. But when Reed and Jennifer Gosselin had children who longed for a place to play outside, they refused to deny them that. The result was an impressive outdoor escape on the rooftop of their San Francisco Victorian home. san francisco roof garden kitchen They enlisted the help of architect and friend Jonathan Feldman of Feldman Architecture, who made sure the final product would be extra eco-friendly. First on the list was opening up the third-floor dining area to make way for an outdoor space and garden. With new windows and a glass door that opens to the outside, a cramped breakfast nook took on a whole new purpose. san francisco roof living room The one noticeable downside to such a project is a decrease in the interior square footage by approximately 750 square feet. Feldman points out, however, that this lessens the home’s environmental impact and cuts down on energy bills. san francisco roof kitchen In addition to bringing more light into the third floor, they brightened up their kitchen with the help of Iznik Design, and did away with the dark stairway common to Victorians. Both spaces had interior walls removed to allow light to flow and to make them appear larger. san francisco roof stairs The living room received its own remodel with help from interior designer Lisa Lougee, who used the kitchen tile as inspiration for the color scheme. And of course, it’s a nod to the San Francisco setting. san francisco roof fireplace So what’s the lesson in this remodel? Don’t allow anyone to stomp on the vision you have for your home. The Gosselin’s are proof that having it all really is possible.

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