Nashville Trends in Kitchen Cabinets & Countertops

From Margaret Everton on March 5, 2010 in Nashville

What’s hot in Nashville kitchen design, cabinets, and countertops these days? To answer the question, we’ve researched techniques from design pros, checked out the best kitchens, looked at award-winning spots, and paid attention to the design world as a whole. Here’s what we’ve found.

Less is More

nashville kitchen designThe look for cabinetry right now is simplistic. There was a day—about thirty years ago—when the style was to feature every knick-knack that you had accumulated in your lifetime, and put it on display, somewhere. The result was absolute tacky chaos. Today, in a reflection of our conservation and eco-conscious culture, we have shifted toward the sleek, svelte, clean and minimal look. nashville kitchen minimalism

Unless you absolutely must have a heavy style reminiscent of Tuscan or Old-World designs, go with less detail, less trim, and less of everything. To be current, scale back toward simplicity. Then, scale back again. You won’t be sorry you did.

Furniture is good.

nashville kitchen cabinets While cabinetry has always been considered a mainstay of kitchen design—and probably forever will be—there is a new interest in the furniture look. The furniture look takes separate pieces of kitchen-suitable furniture and places them in the kitchen, rather than depending simply upon a unified cabinet approach. For example, some kitchen designers are suggesting a freestanding hutch or a buffet. Even mixing and matching furniture types has become more and more common—and stylish.

Countertop Material Trends

nashville kitchen granite countertops Right now, granite tops the popularity level list. Granite has an unarguable beauty that has never gone out of style. Besides, as one of the most durable and functional working surfaces available, granite has constant appeal. Natural stone is a distant second, but stone needs to be resealed annually, a process that is really quite simple. However, most homeowners prefer the hands-off approach to countertop maintenance. That’s why granite continues to be so popular. Granite also has a lower price than it did in the past decade due to its greater supply.

nashville kitchen recycled glass countertopsGreen progressives are increasingly using a recycled glass material called Vetrazzo. These countertop designs blend eco-friendliness with unique beauty. The recycled glass and cement mixture is incredibly durable and very attractive. It is considered more of a high-end option.

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