Modern yet Cozy San Diego Remodel

From Margaret Everton on September 21, 2010 in San Diego

When Marc and Kerrie Ozarski first saw the plans that architect Hector Magnus had drawn up for their 700-square-foot cottage in Mission Beach, San Diego, they were a bit intimidated. But after making peace with the modern design, they were ready to see everything take shape. san diego remodel Upon completion it was clear that the home’s focal point was the front gate itself. It took eight months and 10 craftsman to bring it together, but for the Ozarski’s, the custom-made design compiled from 360 Sapele boards shipped from New York was well worth the wait. The crisp lines and use of natural materials also inspired Magnus in creating the home’s interior design. The structure itself is split into two buildings connected by a second-story walkway, one housing the garage and office/guest room, and the other the main living areas and bedrooms. Magnus used the separation to bring in views from the bay under a canopy of tropical lanai. san diego living room With the bare architecture bones complete, the couple enlisted the help of interior decorator Patrick Lee to echo the design idea. Modern cabinetry was added in the living room juxtaposed against a couch portraying simple comfort. san diego kitchen The kitchen, designed for entertaining, was given ample room for both sitting and cooking. A sprawling center island can even serve as a makeshift buffet table as well. san diego bedroom design The master bedroom takes advantage of passing breezes through the adjoining patio, while a double-sided fireplace keeps the space warm and cozy during the winter months. Natural lighting basks the entire home in a sunny glow. san diego cozy home Even the backyard is a sight to be held. Spectacular wood accents and greenery are a welcome highlight. If the Ozarski’s weren’t convinced that a modern design could work for them, I’d guess that their minds have been changed for the better.

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