Odd Minneapolis Home Addition Gets a Streamlined Update

March 22, 2011 in Minneapolis

When it came time to find a new home for their family, Melissa and Jim Scott had two fairly standard must-haves: a neighborhood with kids and a home with plenty of historic charm. So when they saw this 1905 home in a family-friendly... read full post →

Couple Gets 'Thoughtful Remodeling' Award for Smart Upgrade

November 03, 2010 in Minneapolis

Oftentimes, homes that have been remodeled or re-built from the ground up are glaringly obvious in a neighborhood that has been around for a few decades or more. But that “look at me” kind of remodeling simply didn’t... read full post →

From Critter-Infested to Clean & Contemporary

September 21, 2010 in Minneapolis

When Jen and Scott Hanson moved into their Orono home in Minneapolis, they didn’t think it needed much improvement. But after three years of dealing with mold and critter infestation, they threw in the towel and embarked on a total... read full post →

High Schoolers Remodel Crumbling Home in Minneapolis

August 16, 2010 in Minneapolis

There once was a vacant, dilapidated home in St. Paul‘s West Side neighborhood. For years, it had been passed over by developers who just weren’t interested in such a massive remodel. It was alone, and it was sad. But then... read full post →

Kitchen Countertop Case Files

July 12, 2010 in Minneapolis

Not all kitchen countertops are considered equal. This is especially true, for instance, when it comes to ensuring that a mother of four isn’t always cleaning up sticky fingerprints or a baker isn’t scrubbing flour out of a... read full post →
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