Mind-Blowing DC Home with Original Picassos!

From Margaret Everton on April 19, 2010 in Washington DC

washington dc art ceiling

Dick and Jane Stoker are art fanatics, so it seemed only appropriate that their Potomac home would serve as a kind of gallery for their carefully chosen pieces. And of course, the picturesque surroundings, highlighted by the river itself certainly help in adding to the inspiration.

washington dc art stokers

Aside from an eclectic mix of colorful furniture, including awesome yellow tulip swivel chairs by B&B Italia, their living room also houses a breathtaking 40-foot stone fireplace, as well as a beautifully crafted cathedral ceiling. And as if that weren’t enough, this space actually holds original paintings by Pablo Picasso and Frank Stella, plus a cheery Alexander Calder mobile. The couple had acquired the pieces themselves, but Barbara Hawthorn of Barbara Hawthorn Interiors was able to bring it all together in one cohesive style.

washington dc art dining room

The other rooms hold the rest of their impressive art collection: a George Rickey steel sculpture, various pieces by Roy Lichtenstein, Claes, Oldenburg, and Keith Haring. Fortunately, the couple began collecting a wide array of modern artwork before prices grew astronomically, and even served on the Collectors Committee of the National Gallery of Art.

washington dc art living room

While this colorful home may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it seems to fit like a glove for the Stoker’s. They now have the perfect space to showcase all of their conversation pieces.

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