Million-Dollar Malibu Views? Yes, Please

From Margaret Everton on May 3, 2010 in Los Angeles

los angeles zen garden entry

Situated along the serenely beautiful Malibu coastline, this 33rd Street Residence by Rockefeller Architects wasn’t lacking in inspiration. But the highly sought-after million-dollar views meant that a narrow lot would be all they had to work with.

los angeles zen garden

Overall, the lot space was a thin 30 x 60 feet, which left little room for a surrounding yard or garden area. The residents, however, weren’t so quick to let their dream landscape fall to the wayside, so with a bit of careful planning, the garden was placed in the center of the home. Surrounding the Zen garden area on the ground floor are several immaculately decorated bedrooms.

los angeles zen garden bedroom

Wooden accents are the focal point in each room, and call attention to the spectacular surroundings. The design style was kept simple but comfortable with neutral tones and small color accents.

los angeles zen garden bathroom

Luxury is an understated byproduct of this spa-like bathroom, making this primary residence feel more like a vacation home.

los angeles zen living room

The living room continues the east-meets-west design scheme apparent in the Zen garden through the use of darker woods and an abundance of light colors.

los angeles zen dining room

Spectacular views visible from the dining room table make decorating seem utterly unnecessary. Windows bring in the light from the outdoors, which lends an open and airy feel to the entire room.

With a total of 4,500 square feet, a small lot size couldn’t keep this home from maximizing on space and style. And of course, the spectacular ocean views don’t hurt either.

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