Messy San Franciscan Family Gets the Clean-Up Renovation of their Dreams

From Margaret Everton on March 22, 2010 in San Francisco

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While Kelli Franz and Seth Pare-Mayer, the husband and wife design team of atelier KS, may have been familiar with the many obstacles of a large-scale home remodel, they weren’t quite prepared for the amount of stuff in the San Francisco Sunset District home they’d been hired to revamp. And unfortunately, with only 1,000 square feet, they were required to perform a lot of magic in a tiny amount of space.

san francisco garage beforeThe dark and dingy garage space before renovation

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Without the budget to make drastic structural changes, the team used built-in cabinetry and a Murphy bed to repurpose the space. The cabinetry is the brainchild of Chris Allen, a carpenter from CWA Studios. Take a look at the wood grain detail in the cabinetry above; Allen aligned the natural patterns in the wood seamlessly. His talent helped turn a once-dark garage into a comfy hangout spot, home office and makeshift guest bedroom. And with the addition of storage spaces, all the stuff once crowding the space was discreetly hidden.

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In order to fix the lack of natural light, Franz and Pare-Mayer installed a 10x4-foot skylight above the stairs, an etched pane of glass behind the stairway (to bring light into the bathroom), as well as a large picture window on the far wall. This also helped light the way to the single door that leads out to the backyard – one that was virtually impossible to get to before the renovation.

With a new, clean home bursting with life, surely this family won’t want to return to their messy ways.

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