Marin’s First LEED Platinum Home is Drop-Dead Gorgeous

From Margaret Everton on May 13, 2010 in San Francisco

marin LEED platinum home

Although this sprawling home in Marin County might appear to leave a mammoth footprint on the environment, it is actually the first LEED Platinum home in the area. In other words, the only way this family could be more environmentally friendly is if they fashioned a home out of sticks and picked berries for sustenance. Obviously, this is just a bit more comfortable.

The brains behind the design came from SB Architects, while McDonald Construction & Development helped bring the blueprints to life. Tucked away on a hillside, the home is an impressive four stories with green elements incorporated all the way through.

The long list includes aluminum-framed windows, spray-foam insulation, high fly ash in all concrete on the property, solar energy used where possible, and framing constructed with reclaimed timber. In addition, all the appliances are Energy Star, anything electrical (including the LED lights) are on an automated system, and both toilets and faucets are low-flow. The green touches continue on the exterior of the home, where there is a drought-tolerant landscape.

marin kitchen remodel

If the design of the home is what peaks your interest, they didn’t skimp on that department either. Many rooms look like they’re straight out of a spa retreat, and there’s even a yoga deck for those who want it all.

If this house ever pops up on the market again, I might just have to make an offer…

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