Make Your Kitchen Better: 5 Secrets for a Model Detroit Kitchen Design

From Margaret Everton on February 12, 2010 in Detroit

What’s the best way to get a kitchen that looks like something out of Metropolitan Home? It requires following the design ideas used by the pros. We took a few par-excellence examples and extracted top design features that they showcase—and that you can showcase in your own Detroit kitchen remodel. Follow these 5 tips to a top-notch kitchen. Then, just wait for that phone call from Metropolitan Home.

#1 – Open it up.

Kitchens are notorious for the clutter look. Clutter kills design. Grab some space by using a big window or two and cutting down on anything that threatens to overtake that precious space.

detroit kitchen remodeling cabinets

#2 - Go White.

Are you seriously troubled and even losing sleep over what color to make your kitchen? Forget it. Make it the non-color—always in style, always clean-looking, always beautiful, always peaceful—white. White is the perfect color for a kitchen and it matches just about everything.

detroit kitchen remodeling countertops

#3 - Make it flow.

Along with the “open it up” philosophy is the “make it flow” philosophy. Don’t box off your kitchen. Today’s kitchen is the heart of social interaction and good times. Welcome in the dining room, a sitting area, and whatever else to make your kitchen flow—and make it that much more inviting.

detroit kitchen remodeling table

#4 - Have a seat.

Think a kitchen is a place to be always on your feet? Think again. Put some seats in for good measure. One thing that nearly all of these killer kitchens have in common is the presence of a place to sit down and rest. This is good for socializing and it’s great for taking a break from slicing onions. What’s more, it’s also a smart design move since seats can provide an aesthetic accent and a lot of interest.

detroit kitchen remodeling colors

#5 - Be bold.

Great design is about new ideas, a fresh look, and an occasional epiphany. Go for your dream, and throw in the occasional accent that might fly (or not fly). Hopefully, you’ll be surprised.

detroit kitchen remodeling island

Design-winning or not, your kitchen needs to be about you. Frustrated with an old-school kitchen with an annoying appearance? Change it up and make your kitchen better.

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