3 Native SoCal Plants to Liven Your Garden

September 06, 2010 in Los Angeles

Seasoned gardeners know the importance of native plants to their gardens—not only for the local ecosystem as a whole, but the myriad benefits that come along with plants actually meant to exist on your land. Here are a few we... read full post →

L.A. Remodel with Star Power

July 19, 2010 in Los Angeles

Designer Jeff Andrews had clear directions for this LA remodel: create a design that blends Hollywood chic with Beverly Hills glam and exude just as much star power as its owner, concert director Jamie King (ahem, for Britney Spears and... read full post →

Inside Designer Cisco Pinedo’s Warm, Welcoming Home

July 09, 2010 in Los Angeles

Designer Cisco Pinedo of Los Angeles has an obvious appreciation for meaningful decorative touches—but that doesn’t mean he goes overboard. Instead, he attempts to create simple designs that draw the eye to each room’s... read full post →

Tiny Living in Los Angeles

June 07, 2010 in Los Angeles

If living a short jaunt from sunny SoCal beaches has always been number-one on your bucket list, you may not have to wait until you make your first million. But yes, there is a downside: you’ll have to be comfortable living in an... read full post →

Retro Modern Home Does Away With the Ordinary

May 28, 2010 in Los Angeles

Despite the less-than-creative style of their cookie-cutter home just outside Los Angeles, Ann and Chris were able to use some unique pieces to set their home apart from the masses. The end result is a retro design turned modern and an... read full post →
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