Local Yuma Contractor Saves Senior Citizen from Homelessness

From Margaret Everton on January 4, 2010 in Yuma

At the tender age of 13, local Yuma contractor Rick Loebig asked his father if he could build himself his own room in the family’s basement. Construction has been a part of his life ever since. Rick Loebig (right) speaks with Albert Ramirez, 86, about his new home donated and built by the Yuma community Now the owner of R.A. Loebig General Contractor (est. 1978), Loebig has organized the creation of many homes in the local area. He’s even had a hand in some major projects like the Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma Golf and Country Club clubhouse, Yuma Hospice and several HUD housing projects. Humbly, however, the contractor admits that a small one-bedroom house in downtown Yuma is the project he’s most proud of. It might seem silly, after working on so many large-scale construction ventures, but this was a very special project to Loebig and the surrounding community. 86-year-old Albert Ramirez was less than one year away from finally paying off his mortgage and owning his own home outright, when the city condemned his house and ordered its demolition. Not only was the senior citizen finding it difficult to come up with the $4,500 it would cost to have his long-time home demolished, but he had no idea where he would live from then on. Loebig at his home, which doubles as his office Upon hearing his story, Loebig sprung into action, citing his upbringing as the reason he could not stand by and do nothing. The contractor managed to find sources that would take care of the demolition for free and set to work on rallying the community to build Ramirez a new home. Loebig knew that the Yuma community was generally a caring and giving group of people, but he had no idea how easy it would be to get everything he needed so quickly, especially in the current economic times when everyone seems to be so frugal with their spending. Thanks to Loebig’s construction expertise and community-oriented spirit, all of the time and materials that went into Ramirez’s new home were donated in full. This past fall, the Yuma resident was handed the keys to his brand new, city-approved, fully paid-for home.

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