Local San Francisco Vintage Shop with Killer Deals

From Margaret Everton on March 26, 2010 in San Francisco

While great design usually requires a cohesive use of different elements, it certainly doesn’t hurt to let some snazzy furniture help things along. Eameslof, a Bay Area-based furniture shop on 433 Visitacion Ave. in Brisbane, offers some unusual pieces from the mid-century and Danish-modern era that’ll broaden your horizons without costing you an arm and a leg. san francisco eameslof vintage couch For some in-your-face awesome vintage, this green sofa with wood accents is perfect. It’s in great condition, and better yet, costs only $480. san francisco eameslof repurposed dresser This vintage dresser has stylish functionality down pat with ample storage room and a built-in mirror on top. It’s made from black walnut wood, but with a sexy teak/rosewood finish. san francisco eameslof bar For all you bartender extraordinaires, this piece will impress your guests even more than your liquor intake. Not only does it hold more than enough storage, but also an awesome slide-out mixing bar above the center drawers. san francisco eameslof chair This vibrant chair just punctuates a great collection. It’ll add a brilliant splash of color to any room and doesn’t skimp on eye-catching design, either. The Eamesloft collection is massive and includes a bit of everything for anyone. Design this good might just get you to take a walk on the wild side.

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