Life in a (Stylish) Vintage Airstream Trailer

From Margaret Everton on May 11, 2010 in San Francisco

Not just anyone can handle living life within the confines of a small Airstream trailer, but then again, not many people have the design know-how to make it work. Landscape architect Andreas Stavropoulos is not only used to having a limited amount of space; he actually prefers it. Take a look. san francisco trailer office What you’re seeing is a pimped-out vintage 1959 Airstream trailer, which he usually parks behind a Berkeley co-op. This space serves two purposes: dining and working. There’s just enough counter space for one person, and a folding chair helps cut down on unnecessary seating. Lime paint from Sherwin-Williams accentuates the natural lighting, and curved track lighting from Ikea illuminates the trailer at night. san francisco trailer kitchen bedroom Talk about simple living. This small back area serves as a kitchen, bedroom and closet all in one. Clearly, Stavropoulos has learned how to minimize his wardrobe. The drawers in this area are built of birch plywood and contain everything from kitchen supplies to clothing. The cork floor that extends throughout the trailer holds in more heat than linoleum flooring. san francisco trailer workspace Stavropoulos doesn’t work in his airstream, however. He has another trailer for that. He purchased this 2003 model from Craigslist and designed it as the perfect portable workspace. The best part? He’s able to park it smack-dab in the middle of the landscape he is currently working on. san francisco trailer desk Inside, he has a computer powered by exterior solar panels, a skylight to let in natural light, and a desktop with ample workspace. The steel siding allows him to hang his plans as he works on them. It goes without saying that Stavropoulos has this small space thing down pat. He’s even able to make this nomadic lifestyle seem cozy.

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