Latest Trends in Houston Design: Bright & Comfy Fabrics

From Margaret Everton on March 4, 2010 in Houston

Trends are not a phenomenon strictly reserved for hem lengths and hair styles – they fluctuate in home design as well. While it is highly suggested that you design your space with you in mind, sometimes paying attention to the changing tides in this versatile field can lend ideas and inspiration. Case in point: fabric trends. Stacy Allan, Marketing Director of local Thibaut Inc., pinpointed Houston fabric trends this season as being geared toward bright colors and comfort. This, she believes, could be due in part to troubled economic times that lead consumers to seek out an uplifting environment. houston fabric dining room However, Mayouri Sengchanh of Carlin International declared that trends for the season fall into four categories: futuristic, temptation, hypernature and intuition.

#1 - The “futuristic” trend is understated with an emphasis on various forms of earth tones and fine weaves. It serves as a visual representation of the world’s renewed dedication to protecting the earth and its resources. houston fabric earth tones
#2 - In an age of technology and instant gratification, the “temptation” trend brings to light a universal need to reconnect with our private worlds once again. The colors in this trend are absinthe and red wine. houston fabric technology
#3 - The hypernature trend is an attempt to bring the outdoors to the big city. But while other trends this season accomplish this with lush greens, this trend uses colors as they exist in the city- i.e. smog tones. Natural materials also fit into this trend- among them bamboo and soy. houston fabric hypernature

#4 - “Intuition,” as shown in the first image, focuses more on bright colors and humor. This trend seems to be geared more towards freedom and creativity than the others.

Trends are fickle and clearly always changing. But if ideas are what you need, trends are always there to guide you in the right, and most hip, direction.

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