Knoxville Pride: Uncovering the History of a Craftsman Bungalow

From Margaret Everton on February 12, 2010 in Knoxville

Sometimes, the best way to get inspired for your home remodel is to check out the neighbor’s home. Here is one Knoxville bungalow with a few features worthy of emulation. Check it out.

Cautious Restoration

knoxville bungalow remodel

One of the challenges of a bungalow dwelling is trying to take it back to its original look without going too retro. This couple achieved that delicate balance through some cautious moves, and the eye-catching brackets on the second-floor balcony.

Social Graces

knoxville bungalow porch

The family that beautified the bungalow is just that—a family. They encourage interaction, hangouts, and casual neighborhood drop-ins. The expansive front porch encourages socializing, thanks to a spacious look and plenty of seating.

Homey yet Elegant

knoxville bungalow living room

The perennial challenge of home design is making it a home, yet trying to make it look like a model home. The balance achieved in this sitting room is just about perfect. It looks worthy of a magazine, while still inviting you to plop into the leather couch.

Vintage with Class

knoxville bungalow dining roomThe dining room of the bungalow is another great spot for gathering. The radiator heat source plus the stained-glass transom windows are a perfect throwback to the home’s original look. Thus, the dining room retains an original beauty and puts off certain elegance at the same time.

Upstairs Sleeping Porch

knoxville bungalow balconyPorches are ideal spots for enjoying the outdoors, indoors—as long as the design and deco proceeds with the end in mind. This one did, and the result is a beautiful loveseat situated in a nook all its own. Besides, you’ve got to love the appearance of the antique chest.

Exposing the Beauty

knoxville bungalow windows

Since a bungalow is inherently a hooded and slightly stooped style of dwelling, it was in the best interests of the owners to open it up where they could. One of the ways that they did so was by eliminating the draperies and blinds from the front sitting room. Here, the rare leaded glass design of the windows is on full display.

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