Kitchen Countertop Case Files

From Margaret Everton on July 12, 2010 in Minneapolis

Not all kitchen countertops are considered equal. This is especially true, for instance, when it comes to ensuring that a mother of four isn’t always cleaning up sticky fingerprints or a baker isn’t scrubbing flour out of a counter’s natural cracks and pockets. No, choosing a countertop is as much about personality and purpose as it is about elegant finishes and the perfect color. Here are five homeowners that allowed their lifestyles to lead them to the kitchen countertop that was just right for them:

#1 – Barn-Wood Rustic

minneapolis reclaimed wood countertops

Spark and Tara Schneider of Webster both agreed on a simple, rustic look for their home. Thus, it seemed only natural that they use a reclaimed barn-wood top as the centerpiece for their kitchen. In order to keep with the original character and charm of the piece, they only applied two coats of poly sealant and are always careful to use cutting boards when cooking.

#2 – Glossy Granite (Shhh… on the Cheap!)

minneapolis granite countertops

While Mary Hanson of Rochester loved the upscale look of granite, she wasn’t entirely convinced that it was worth the price, considering she had an entire condo to remodel. Diane Quinn of Beyond Kitchens suggested instead that they go with WilsonArt High Definition laminate. Since Mary rarely uses the kitchen, she was satisfied with the granite look without the granite price tag.

#3 – Sweet, Sweet Concrete

minneapolis concrete countertops

Allison Thiesing of Minneapolis knew just what she wanted for her kitchen countertops when she began remodeling her 1933 Tudor home: concrete. She was drawn to the material because of its unusual nature and rustic look, and hired Zen of Concrete to complete the job. Every few months, she uses a beeswax solution to keep her counters looking like new.

#4 – The Durability of…Marble?

minneapolis marble countertops

Several retailers tried to convince Deb Frederick of Rochester that marble just wasn’t a good choice for her kitchen countertops. She went against their advice and purchased a Carrara surface with dark grey veins. While she was warned about how quickly the material wears, after cooking and baking heavily (and spilling a glass or two of red wine), she has yet to see a difference.

#5 – Soapstone in Dark Patina

minneapolis soapstone countertops

Deb Rodgers, of Excelsior, had had enough of granite by the time she got around to choosing a countertop for her 1940s lake cottage. Instead, she wanted something a little less polished, more unique, and able to complement her eclectic collection of artwork from local artists. Kitchen designer Susan Septer of Cambria Countertops steered her toward soapstone for its dark patina, varied texture and ability to withstand hot temperatures from pots on the surface.

So what’s the moral of the story? Not only are there a plethora of kitchen countertop options out there, but it’s essential to choose something based on what works for you and your lifestyle. After all, you’re the one that has to live with it.

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