Kitchen & Bath Remodel Ideas for the Sophisticated Minneapolis Homeowner

From Margaret Everton on December 29, 2009 in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a city of distinction and sophistication. And homeowners want houses that reflect the urbanity of the area. Here are some tips from savvy homeowners who have produced showcase-quality living spaces, with ideas that you may want to consider for your next bath or kitchen remodel.

Classical Elegance. When it comes to bathrooms, old is new. Changing the typical tub style is the best way to start with this classic beauty. Freestanding tubs, while a throwback to yesteryear, are nonetheless quite fashionable, not to mention comfortable. Try air jets in your freestanding tub. You can enjoy the spa-like experience but maintain the vintage look of classic elegance. In addition, hexagonal tile patterns will evoke an antique feel, while a heated floor-tile system adds a bit of modern convenience. Rather than using traditional modes of lighting, try chandeliers or wall lighting for generous light mixed with heirloom-quality beauty.

Audacious Modernity. Other features of the famous Twin Cities are progressive outlooks, high education levels and an abundance of cultural events. To develop a style that reflects this mindset, you may wish to opt for a variety of design that is overtly modern. The kitchen is a great place to let loose and exercise your trendy side.
Lots of stainless steel, unadorned cabinetry and bold colors characterize a kitchen that is both highly functional, yet undeniably up-to-date. Besides, contemporary designs lend themselves to advanced convenience features in kitchen appliances that will make life a lot easier. For a few specific pointers, try granite countertops, a spacious kitchen island with bold stainless chimney vent, dark floors, smooth cabinets and wide-open horizontal spaces.

Whatever your design preferences, you want your kitchen or bath to be uniquely you. Pick colors, styles and designs that you can love.

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