Inside Designer Cisco Pinedo’s Warm, Welcoming Home

From Margaret Everton on July 9, 2010 in Los Angeles

Designer Cisco Pinedo of Los Angeles has an obvious appreciation for meaningful decorative touches—but that doesn’t mean he goes overboard. Instead, he attempts to create simple designs that draw the eye to each room’s most important elements. Here are some tips to help you follow his lead:

#1 - Edit Your Design

los angeles pinedo living room

Cisco Pinedo’s own living room highlights the importance of choosing a few objects and letting them speak for themselves. The design doesn’t feel cluttered. Rather, it seems well-planned and comfortable. It also forces you to decide exactly what’s important—and what might be better off stored in the closet.

#2 – People over Things

los angeles pinlos angeles

Pinedo believes that home should mean family. In order to allow ample room for gathering, don’t clutter your rooms with too much furniture. Keep it open, fill it with special photos or specific memories, and create a sense of warmth with well-thought-out pieces.

#3 - Let the Outdoors In

los angeles pinedo windows

Pinedo likes natural light to pour through his family’s dining room, so he does without the curtains. Simple, colorful touches like the table’s centerpiece highlight the scenery while still allowing the outdoors to be the room’s focal point. Bright designs like this make any room feel warm and welcoming.

#4 – If it Ain’t Broken… Don’t Fix it

los angeles pinedo kitchen cabinetsThe cabinets in Pinedo’s kitchen may be made from unfinished wood, but they don’t appear to need any work. He suggests leaving natural materials as they are for added interest and texture. Here, they bring a nice, rustic feel.

#5 - Spend Time with Your Design

los angeles pinedo furniture

Most importantly, suggests Pinedo, take your time in creating a design that speaks to you. It took him 10 years to collect everything currently on display in his home, so there’s no rush to buy things immediately. Wait until something strikes you, and then make it your own.

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