Indy Loft-Style Kitchens on the Rise

September 15, 2010 in Indianapolis

Maybe you’ve noticed… Something’s shifting in interior design around Indianapolis—in a big way. More and more, homes are catching up to the trendiness of other major metropolises (Manhattan, anyone?). And the... read full post →

Lakefront Gatherings off the Geist Reservoir? Yes, Please

September 06, 2010 in Indianapolis

After buying a piece of land atop a canal leading into the Indianapolis Geist Reservoir, Steve and Becky Schenck knew they were well on their way to creating a dream home they couldn’t imagine parting with. Teaming up with Steve... read full post →

Historic Cottage Remodel is Beyond Incredible

September 03, 2010 in Indianapolis

While some potential homebuyers may be swayed by a clean landscape and nice paint job, Tim Jensen first fell in love with his home’s long history and eclectic location. Sitting a few acres back from what used to be an arsenal for... read full post →

Indianapolis Sees a Rise in Remodeling

July 06, 2010 in Indianapolis

While the housing market in Indianapolis still stands on shaky footing, a recent increase in remodeling jobs is giving contractors a much-needed helping hand. Unlike years past, these remodels are far more cost-efficient and geared... read full post →