Houston Special: The Quintessence of Suburbia. The Beauty of the Country.

From Margaret Everton on March 30, 2010 in Houston

Houston homeowners, prepare to salivate. Though everyone yearns for that perfect home—and does a good job achieving it—there’s just something special about this Houston couple. Their story is one of how passions change, people age, and design preference melts from one stage to the next.

houston country home remodel

Craig and Dana were world travelers by necessity of their profession. Their jaunts in Europe led them to drink in the beauty of Tuscany architecture and English townhome living. It was a drink that led them to thirst for more. Naturally, when they moved back to Texas, the design followed them home. The Italian overtones are obvious in the stunning and complex design of this home’s exterior.

houston country fireplace

Once inside, Italy meets England in a creative display of beauty and simplicity. The antique furniture, whitewashed walls and offset lighting are contributions that amplify each area of the room. Of course, the fireplace is a necessity.

houston country bedroom

Even the bedroom reflects the beauty of their international tastes, but also adds an element of individuality. The large windows that characterize the rest of the house are minimized in the master suite, allowing the room to exude more warmth and intimacy.

houston country porch

But things changed in the life of the world-travelling couple. The lure of the Texas landscape caught their attention. The next step was easy—purchase a sprawling piece of property in Austin County. At first, the 65 acres was intended to be for family getaways. But that’s when they realized they wanted to live at their getaway. They remodeled the entire farmhouse, and turned it into a marvel of country living.

houston country sunset

They don’t miss the spectacular views of Houston now that they can catch sunset vistas like this one from their front porch.

houston country rockers

The rocker-strewn porch is merely the opening strings for a full-symphony interior design. Wood wainscoting and natural-toned wall colors blend together throughout the home. The living room boasts a wood-burning stove, and the bedrooms display iron-framed beds.

houston country lavender

The couple decided to make the land work to their benefit, so they started a lavender farm. Now, the beauty of the property is pleasing more than just their family. Bus trips, school visits, and specialty dinners are filling the schedule for the spring and summer, and Craig is enjoying his Texas ranchette more than ever.

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