Houston Special: The Quintessence of Suburbia. The Beauty of the Country.

March 30, 2010 in Houston

Houston homeowners, prepare to salivate. Though everyone yearns for that perfect home—and does a good job achieving it—there’s just something special about this Houston couple. Their story is one of how passions change,... read full post →

Finally! Design Ideas Worth Toasting To

March 05, 2010 in Houston

When great design literally takes your breath away, you know it’s worth talking about. Case in point: The Design Firm, a company based out of Houston, has a portfolio of work that would make even die-hard design fiends swoon.... read full post →

Latest Trends in Houston Design: Bright & Comfy Fabrics

March 04, 2010 in Houston

Trends are not a phenomenon strictly reserved for hem lengths and hair styles – they fluctuate in home design as well. While it is highly suggested that you design your space with you in mind, sometimes paying attention to the... read full post →

Vintage Dream Home: Houston Couple Transforms Old Home with Classic American Style

February 01, 2010 in Houston

For many, the “dream home” is something easy, modern, elegant and renovation-free. For one Houston couple, however, the dream home was difficult, very old, somewhat shabby and took over a year of renovation. Does that sound... read full post →