Home Painting 101: Why Should Your Walls Have All the Fun?

From Margaret Everton on March 23, 2010 in New Orleans

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Are you afraid of adding that splash of green to your bedroom or that yellow accent in your kitchen? Well, you aren’t alone, but there may be hope for you yet. Mary Cooper, local New Orleans color expert and style extraordinaire, isn’t afraid to liven up her Bywater house with bold, expressive colors. And she won’t hesitate to make sure her clients do the same.

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While she has coached dozens through their deep-seated fear of color, Mary is hesitant to make a concrete list of painting do’s and don’ts. Instead, she encourages people to think outside the box – and forget the sage advice of the blokes down at the local home improvement store. For one, do away with white baseboards. Not only does this broaden a room’s decorating possibilities, but it avoids showing the dirt that we’re all guilty of tracking indoors.

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Along the same lines, incorporate your ceiling into the painting process. Decide what you hope to convey in the room, or perhaps a memory you’d like to emulate, and paint your ceiling a color that helps recreate that feeling. Mary also suggests using nature as a muse; look at plants and try to match those colors.

new orleans painting mary cooperMary Cooper’s bright Bywater house sure makes her happy!

Bottom line: broaden those color-starved horizons and look for unconventional ways to add color into all aspects of a room. There’s no reason your walls should have all the fun.

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