Historic San Francisco Home Dives into the 21st Century

From Margaret Everton on April 2, 2010 in San Francisco

Sometimes a home remodel comes along that is so amazing, we simply have to share. Project Honighaus in San Francisco was transformed from its original 1910 Edwardian architecture to this completely modern design with clean lines and a sleek aesthetic. san francisco honighaus The home was designed locally by Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects, who also added a “water wall” on the exterior that empties into a pond near the back of the property. They simplified the rest of the existing design, especially the interior, with space, openness and freedom in mind. Looking almost like a different property entirely, this was the starting point for the remodel. san francisco honighaus historic Honighaus may sit on the same plot of land, but it’s clearly taken a dive into the 21st century.

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