Historic Cottage Remodel is Beyond Incredible

From Margaret Everton on September 3, 2010 in Indianapolis

While some potential homebuyers may be swayed by a clean landscape and nice paint job, Tim Jensen first fell in love with his home’s long history and eclectic location. Sitting a few acres back from what used to be an arsenal for the Union Army is the cottage he purchased for a mere $22,000 and restored to its original charm. indianapolis cottage painting Located in the Cottage Home Neighborhood of Indianapolis, this isn’t the only house in the area that tells a story. All of the homes were built between 1870 and 1900 and are set apart by gingerbread trim, original posts, brackets and fish-scale shingles. Some were even home to the city’s earliest immigrants. Today, many of them hold backyards certified as Natural Wildlife Habitats. indianapolis cottage before painting While the home appeared unsalvageable, Jensen was blown away by its original touches, like the parlor fireplace, wood mantel and pine floors. After fixing them up, he enhanced the charm by bringing home old, heavy wooden doors from a house on Market Street, and adding etched glass windows from his family’s farm in Iowa. Even the dining table is a throwback to his childhood home. indianapolis cottage wood flooringindianapolis cottage bedroomThe master bedroom stays grounded with a headboard made from a recycled church coat rack, while the tin facade piece overhead came from the city’s former Vajen Exchange Block. Vintage photographs on the adjacent wall tell yet another dimension of the home’s story. indianapolis cottage landscaping Painted a striking purple, the cottage blends in perfectly with the surrounding gardens. Everything - down to the very last detail - tells a story. indianapolis cottage brick pavers Just look at these historic bricks lining the walkway. Considering how far this quaint little cottage has come, the end result is nothing short of spectacular. Now the history can continue…

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