High Schoolers Remodel Crumbling Home in Minneapolis

From Margaret Everton on August 16, 2010 in Minneapolis

minneapolis high school remodelThere once was a vacant, dilapidated home in St. Paul‘s West Side neighborhood. For years, it had been passed over by developers who just weren’t interested in such a massive remodel. It was alone, and it was sad. But then came along an ambitious group of students from Humboldt Senior High School. They saw the poor home’s potential, and decided to make it their own class project.

The brains behind the very unusual idea was Karen Reid, the executive director of the Neighborhood Development Alliance, who issued the proposal after seeing the learning potential behind a crumbling building. She also hoped to get kids invested in the appearance and upkeep of their neighborhood.

After tracking down the owners of the property, Dayton’s Bluff Neighborhood Housing Services signed an agreement with them. The city now plans on purchasing the home through its Housing Redevelopment Authority, getting the building up to code and safe for students, and finally handing it over for the rehab work to begin.

Next year, a dozen students will begin the redevelopment project, learning everything from measuring for a heating unit to calculating the amount of insulation the home needs. After completion, the home will be given to a qualified low-income family.

Overhauling a vacant and crumbling building, giving students an amazing learning experience, and providing shelter to a family that desperately needs it? What could be better than that?

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