High-Rise Beauty: Atlanta Mom-to-Be Designs Cozy, Sleek New Home

From Margaret Everton on February 24, 2010 in Atlanta

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For a blossoming home designer, high-rise condo living can either be a stifling terror…or an opportunity for unlimited creative prowess. For Lee Kleinhelter, it was about to be the former. It morphed into the latter.

atlanta condo bedroomThe prospect of a move was terrifying. She and her white golden retriever were accustomed to country life and fixer-uppers. Plus, she and her husband had just limped through a near non-sell of their former home in Garden Hills. Oh, and Lee, pregnant, was mere weeks away from her son’s due date.

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The ingredients for disaster melted into a perfect harmony of creativity, energy, and inspiration that birthed an absolutely breathtaking condominium. She and her husband moved into the high-rise Sovereign condo. It was suddenly up to Lee to accomplish a transformation of the sterile high-rise into a homey living space.

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To adapt to the sleek modernity of the high-rise, Lee selected a color template that was current, but not flashy. The white leather, muted walls, and occasional grays accomplish this objective. To add interest and flair, Lee brought along a few rustic touches that she and her husband cherished in their former historic neighborhoods.

Downsizing from a multi-thousand square-footer to a small-and-improved living space was an adjustment that brought with it a variety of blessings. Close proximity didn’t drive them crazy. It drove them together as a family. When the home office moved into the master bedroom, and the main living space merged into the kitchen, it was no longer possible to hole up and hide. Everyone was together all the time. Lee appreciated the closer quarters, but didn’t allow the downsized floor plan to seem cramped. Again, her mirrored furniture layout and airy colors create a sense of openness.

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One of the most incredible features of the new living space is the windows. Helicopters flying by and breath-snatching views of the cityscape are a pervasive element of the condo. Lee took this feature and shined it up by clearing the windows of clutter, and facing furniture to welcome the sights.

atlanta condo rocking chair

Even baby is going to enjoy the place. His room is smaller, giving it an instant cozy feel, plus the fine touches of Lee’s insightful design have turned the space into a charming nursery, complete with green zebra rug and matching rocker.

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