Green in Magnolia: A Remodel Fit for Man’s Best Friend

From Margaret Everton on January 8, 2010 in Seattle

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I like Andy Luk. I mean, you’ve got to love a guy who 1) puts his money where his mouth is, 2) designs a house his dog will enjoy, and 3) creates a space suited to his own personal interests, rather than what he thinks others would like.

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Luk is a big believer in cooperating with the environment and his rebuild reflects those ideals, including the use of salvaged or sustainably harvested wood, integration of local and recycled resources, minimal manipulation of the landscape, installation of solar panels, a focus on energy efficiency and many more admirable details.

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Like many nature enthusiasts, Luk is an animal lover, and the main object of this affection is his dog, Spiff. According to an article in The Seattle Time, this spacious stony shower was the impetus for the remodel of the 1940s house. Spiff needed a grooming place big enough for Luk to help him live up to his name.

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He also plays the piano. Luk, not the dog… you never know, but my guess is he prefers acoustic guitar. Nonetheless, the deck is tricked out in the shape of the ivories.

With views of the Puget Sound from his Seattle home, Luk’s space is perfect for chilling – the great outdoors, music, and of course, man’s best friend.

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