Gothic Architecture, Eclectic Tastes: One Fabulous Brooklyn Remodel

From Margaret Everton on February 26, 2010 in New York

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While most families’ homes are bursting at the seams, Paul Feldsher and Gary Petersen have enough space and style to spare. With the sprawling rooms that came along with their 1890’s Brooklyn abode, the couple had to become experts at dividing each space with purpose and creating an environment their 20-month-old twins could let loose in. And with a playfulness fused into each section of the house, I would say they did just that.

brooklyn remodel living roomThe dining room was the first part of the house that needed some serious division, considering the space was large enough for a king’s banquet table. They accomplished this by creating three separate areas: a dining space, a sitting room, and an area for child’s play. While these three spaces work together nicely in one room, they are each decorated with separate styles and purposes in mind. They also used large pieces to really emphasize the separation – like a unique set of shelves in the play area.

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Rather than covering up the rich history mixed into their home, the couple enhanced it by sprinkling in a little of their own eclectic tastes. A vintage burgundy-and-black wallpaper brings drama to the guest room, and startling wall sconces shaped like outstretched hands line one of the hallways.

brooklyn remodel hallway

Much to the children’s delight (and taste for some good ole’ fashioned destruction) is a headboard in the master bedroom that doubles as a chalkboard. Talk about a conversation piece.

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Feldsher and Petersen have created a house that most could never hope to duplicate. And with the ample space set aside to have a little fun, they’ve fashioned themselves the perfect place to raise a family.

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