Glitzy, Bright & Edgy: Encino Home Addition Inspired By Great Art

From Margaret Everton on April 28, 2010 in

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Who says the most prized art collections have to be reserved for the top museums? LA-based Xten Architecture designed the Sapphire Gallery in Encino as a home addition for displaying a private contemporary art collection that rivals some of the greats.

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In order to lessen the impact placed on the existing plot of land, the addition was built off the ground with a series of lightweight braced frames. Ample window space not only shows off the collection, but allows for natural light to properly illuminate each piece. In addition, the added office space capitalizes on the breathtaking views of the California hills.

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The contemporary style of the artwork influenced the interesting shapes used to create the addition. Balancing out the clean, uncluttered lines is a plush seating area perfect for lounging, and tall, leafy trees add extra privacy without entirely blocking the views. An extra coating on the windows provides protection from UV and solar rays.

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For those who feel most at home among beautiful pieces of artwork, it seems entirely appropriate to incorporate a gallery into the home. And with wraparound windows, the neighbors can enjoy the unique addition as well.

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