Getting Yuletide-Cozy in the Bay

From Margaret Everton on January 7, 2011 in San Francisco

As the holiday season comes to a close, you may be reviewing what did and didn’t work with company in your home—and you may be looking forward to what you want to do differently. Assessing your holiday entertaining can help you determining overall what you want out of your home, and how to help it function at its best even in normal circumstances. But of course, having a household full of family and friends doesn’t have to be limited to yuletide. Many of these principles carry through to whenever company comes calling. Check out what these three local San Francisco interior designers had to say about decorating for the season. They offer varying styles and principles that will help you welcome family and friends in any taste and scale.

Scot Meacham Wood

san francisco yuletide decor

Transform rooms. This year Scot changed his bedroom into a formal dining room to host his annual holiday party. It’s his biggest party of the year—and boy, does it show.

Add impermanent décor. In transforming his bedroom, Scot enveloped it in 78 yards of marine blue silk taffeta by stapling it directly onto the four walls. Such fabrics can be found at discount markets.

He also recommends putting up more than one tree (if you have the resources) and decorating them differently to match the mood of each space.

Last tip: display your china for the season. And use it.

Kendall Wilkinson

san francisco funky yuletide

Make a funky spin on the holidays and decorate in shades of ocean, violet, and chartreuse. For alternatives to red and green, Wilkinson says to stick to a three-color palette.

For a contemporary look, pair unusual colors with unusual lighting, such as violet lights that Wilkinson wrapped around her boxwood garlands.

san francisco yuletide glasses

Add glitz to cocktails by adding mirrored frames and green apples to a centerpiece.

Last tip: move things around for a fresh look. Rethink your furniture layout.

Audrey Brandt

san francisco yuletide snowmen

Use the glee and whimsy of snowmen around your home—angels and snowmen can be easy to find when traveling, and are often homemade. You can also add various sizes of trees around the house to complement the main tree.

For a child’s room, add a 4-foot tree that they can decorate on their own. Let each tree reflect your kids’ personality.

Last but not least: The holidays, says Brandt, should highlight memories and create nostalgia. For her, the season is just as much about memory lane as it is the actual décor.

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