Funky Los Angeles Thrift Store Home

From Margaret Everton on April 13, 2010 in Los Angeles

Most people let their design dreams fall to the wayside if they can’t afford new furniture. But Kelly LePlante, a Los Angeles designer, doesn’t see money as any obstacle when it comes to revamping a space. In fact, she’s become an expert at making people fall in love all over again with what they already have in their collection. If you aren’t a believer, just take a look at the treasures she has in her own home. los angeles repurposed table Once tossed to the curb, this dining room table received a new paint job with red low-VOC paint and suddenly became the room’s focal point. The interesting shape of the table made it worthy of a second chance. los angeles repurposed couch This couch may look like an expensive find, but LePlante snatched it second-hand for a measly $200. After steam-cleaning the cushions and painting the trim a clean white, it was as good as new. los angeles repurposed end table In addition to being the queen of repurposing used items, LePlante also finds unconventional uses for seemingly ordinary accessories. She uses this outdoor garden stool as a makeshift side table in her living room. los angeles repurposed dishes While most people try to create a theme by matching everything, LePlante suggests doing just the opposite. She has a fantastic collection of mismatched dishes that each have their own story to tell. los angeles repurposed chandelier And perhaps the best part about buying used items and repurposing them: that glam-look doesn’t come with a glam-price tag. She used this antique chandelier to work with her home’s lighting system while simultaneously amping up the room’s character. So go take another look at Craigslist or your local thrift store. After all, one [wo]man’s trash is another [wo]man’s treasure.

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