From Artist’s Compound to Swanky Venice Digs

From Margaret Everton on April 23, 2010 in Los Angeles

los angeles compound roofing

Many artists live and breathe their work, but most don’t have the fancy digs to let them do both in the same space. By building the Mhouse, Los Angeles -based Xten Architecture solved this conundrum for a group that had been living in an artists’ compound in Venice Beach, California.

los angeles compound courtyard

Two interlocking L-shaped structures were the main components of the project, which allow for the separate living and working spaces. In between these spaces is a fantastic courtyard perfect for sharing ideas, completing large pieces or simply lounging in the sunshine. The indoor artist’s studio faces the courtyard in order to take advantage of the natural lighting and ventilation. The spaces are separated by a sliding garage door.

los angeles compound gallery

In addition to ample space for creating art, there’s also a wraparound gallery area for displaying finished pieces. And as if that weren’t enough, inspiration can be gleaned from the spectacular ocean views visible from the open rooftop.

los angeles compound living room

In creating such a multifunctional space, it is appropriate to assume that the architects were concerned about sustainability as well. Radiant heating is used throughout each room, and the building is situated to allow for natural cooling in the summer months. The concrete floors were created from recycled floor ash and the metal paneling is made up of 80 percent recycled materials as well.

los angeles compound patio

The residents of the Mhouse have everything they need under one roof. In fact, the stylish comfort of their new home probably keeps them there long enough to get some work done.

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