Floating Cube Bathroom Addition?

From Margaret Everton on May 11, 2010 in Portland

portland bathroom cube mirror

When Jason and Laura Steur Alvarez purchased their Northwest Portland home in 2000, they thought they would make do with just one bathroom. But after adding a child and a multitude of houseguests to the mix, they realized some reconfiguring was in order. The couple hired expert Paul McKean for the job.

portland bathroom cube doors

McKean’s vision for the space is a bit hard to understand. Essentially, he imagined a giant modernist cube inserted into the master bedroom – suspended, actually, from the ceiling. If you look closely at the picture above, the bathroom is itself a six-foot-by-eight-foot walnut cube raised an inch or so above the floor. It doesn’t require the support of any walls.

It may sound outlandish, but with the help of contractor Jason Peck of Arts and Craftsmen, the design actually worked.

portland bathroom cube showerIncluded in the new addition was a glass walled shower, a cantilevered sink with two basins and a toilet separated by a curtain. Jennifer Fowler of Jennifer Fowler Interiors made the space stand out by using white ceramic tile for the floor and walls, and white paint to stand out against the backdrop of dark wood.

portland bathroom cube closet

Some elements were kept in the space to keep with the home’s original design style, including the windows, radiator, and a fir floor for the closet that was taken from the bedroom.

Looking back on their days of having a one-bathroom home, Laura and Jason couldn’t be happier with the result of their renovations. Guest towels and bath toys are now tucked nicely away in their second bathroom.

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