Family Haven: A Knoxville Lakefront Remodel

From Margaret Everton on March 8, 2010 in Knoxville

knoxville lakefront homeFinding the perfect location for a home doesn’t always happen sometime between meeting a realtor and signing the papers. Every once in a while, as Brad and Shannon Hamilton discovered, it happens smack-dab in the middle of soothing a colicky baby.

The Hamilton’s were doing just that on a long drive one afternoon when they passed through ConKinnon Pointe, a yet-to-be-developed lakefront neighborhood with a backdrop of beautiful scenery. They remembered that location a few years later when they decided they were ready to build a home of their own. Luckily for them, the land’s owner was interested in selling and everything fell into place from there.

Soliciting the help of builder Dean Evans, they built a home that was ideal for cooking, entertaining, and keeping kids of any age occupied. Shannon wanted a touch of drama to be apparent upon entering the house, which was accomplished by an entryway nearly 20 feet tall. This was highlighted by oversized furniture and hand-carved panels adorning the fireplace.

knoxville lakefront conkinnon pointeThe lakefront community of ConKinnon Pointe

The kitchen increased in size three times during the building process due to the massive amount of appliances that each needed a space of their own. The result was a beautiful custom kitchen large enough to cook, eat and clean up a buffet-sized meal.

Perhaps the highlight for the couple’s little girls was the custom pool that quickly became the favorite hang-out spot for all their friends. Another reason why this home was deemed the “gathering place.”

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