Evansville Couple Restore Spectacular 110-Year-Old Victorian Mansion

From Margaret Everton on December 29, 2009 in Evansville

Fred and Linda Sammet of Evansville, IN already had each other, not to mention a beautiful home, when Linda’s roving eye changed everything for the couple. The object of her affection? The bold and handsome 100-year-old Boetticher mansion at 419 First Ave. Linda is a realtor, and it seems she’d been waiting all her life for the Victorian beauty to come up for sale. The mysteriously charming old house had belonged to William H. Boetticher, a very wealthy Evansville hardware wholesaler. He and his wife, Ida, lived in the gorgeous French chateau-style building until they died in the 1940s and ‘50s. Now a labor of love, the Sammets spend their time restoring the place. A former owner had installed bars over the windows, so those had to come off immediately. The boiler system was swapped out for an updated heating and cooling system, and the electricity had to be revamped for modern-day usage. But the real fun is in redecorating and adding luxuries befitting the estate, so the Sammets went to town and created a fabulous kitchen, repainted everything and made the manor their own. I guess we can say Fred did just that with his Margaritaville-themed hot tub room, complete with parrots! An interesting juxtaposition to the original stained glass, parquet floors, spiral staircase, chandeliers, servant call box and multiple fireplaces! Photo Credits: Denny Simmons

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