Essentially Cool Bungalow: South Pasadena Craftsman Home Gets Minimalist Makeover

From Margaret Everton on January 20, 2010 in Pasadena

Want to see a really cool house? Check it out. This South Pasadena family put their heads together to create a unique mix that includes all the essentials from kid-friendly to cozy. They didn’t have a whole lot to work with—a simple Craftsman bungalow that was showing its age. But what they did with it gives inspiration for creating the essence of what a house ought to be.

Kid-Friendly Living Room

pasadena bungalow living room

In spite of its sophistication and elegance, there is no room off-limits for the kids. By curtailing knick-knacks and banishing excess furniture to the donation center, the kids can wander worry-free through the entire floor plan.


pasadena bungalow bedroom

Kids create messes. But a simple and elegant home deco style means that clean-up is a breeze. You don’t have to be a wonder mom to keep a great house looking clean. All it takes is the fresh approach of minimalistic design.


pasadena bungalow dining room

Have a restaurant experience every day. This cozy dining room nook, styled after a restaurant booth, is a fun and cozy way to enjoy family meals. Cozy doesn’t mean cluttered, though, and there is not a shred of clutter in the entire house. Everything from the color selection to the furniture arrangement bespeaks minimization and simplicity, all the while retaining the coziness that families need.


pasadena bungalow living room

There’s something about a bright home that makes for cheery residents. This house has both. With an obvious dominance of light colors and strategic placement of accent tones, this couple has designed a home that is always bright - without ever being stark.


pasadena bungalow craftroom

Face it. As kid-free, simple, cozy and bright as a home may be, at its heart, it needs to be functional. A home is for living, playing, enjoying. Yeah, they have that, too. This easy-cleanup play and craft area is the perfect spot for creativity, and gives you a sense of full-orbed functionality that homes just have to have. That’s pretty cool.

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