Dreamy Colonial Home Gets a Few Modern Updates

From Margaret Everton on January 8, 2010 in Minneapolis

minneapolis colonial kitchen

Christine Albertsson and Todd Hansen are intrepid modern-day explorers. OK, not really. They’re actually an average couple who were checking out south Minneapolis’s Minnehaha Creek when – Eureka! – they came across a house they would soon call their own.

minneapolis colonial kitchen islandminneapolis colonial patio

If you’re drawn to colonials, you can see why. It’s simple and charming with spacious land and lovely views of the creek below. Since the two are architects by trade, they were able to envision the improvements that could be made to update the 1920s home to their liking. Which, of course, included a modern kitchen with all of the conveniences and amenities, spectacular floor-to-ceiling windows and a master suite.

minneapolis colonial living room

To make the house just what the couple wanted for themselves and their children, they needed to add an extra 1,100 square feet of space. Essentially, the “new” old house is two houses in one, and they don’t try to hide that fact. The new part is painted red, while the original is traditional white. The updated part has a strong leaning toward Scandinavian sensibility based on the Albertsson family history and Hansen’s childhood stint in Norway.

minneapolis colonial bathroomminneapolis colonial painting

It seems that serendipity led our explorers to their romantic wooded Minneapolis locale. And while it may have taken the couple three years to draw out the plans, their skill and imagination led them the rest of the way to their dream home.

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