Detroit Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

From Margaret Everton on March 5, 2010 in Detroit

detroit contractors kitchen cabinetsInspiration from Local Detroit Designers

Despite the time you spend in the rest of the house, kitchens and bathrooms tend to receive the most love when it comes to remodeling. Guests, after all, like to hang out in the kitchen, and whoever told you that no one was judging your toilet seat cover and toothpaste splatters on your sink, well, they were lying. If these rooms of yours could use improvement, then we might just be able to lend you some ideas.

This remodel by Detroit’s Extraordinary Works was constructed with organization in mind. Clutter was banned by adding drawers, cabinets and sliding doors that could hide appliances when necessary. The color adds warmth, and the rustic design of the wood brings a touch of the outdoors.detroit kitchen contractors

Keeping classic kitchen design in mind, this remodel by Designs Unlimited is fresh, crisp and hang-out friendly. Speckled granite countertops make the kitchen appear to be clean no matter the day, and ample space allows for dining in or taking out.

detroit bathroom contractors

Using river stone tile as a makeshift floor and a Japanese-style compact tub as the focal point, this bathroom remodel by Meadowlark Builders makes you feel like you’re reconnecting with nature. Most of the materials used were organic, a cool way to help the environment while playing with some interesting design ideas.

This space, created by Rariden-Schumacher & Mio Interior Design, provides the perfect set-up for long primping sessions. But with a design so soft and relaxing, is that really a bad thing? detroit contractors bathroom vanityThe cabinetry for this bathroom was built by a local Detroit woodworker, the mirrors were created by a Detroit art gallery, and the designers added a perfect touch of color with a backdrop of striped wallpaper.

Even if these remodels don’t speak to your inner designer, it just goes to show that with the right amount of creativity, anything is possible.

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