Designer Flips Her Own Baltimore Cape Cod

From Margaret Everton on August 31, 2010 in Baltimore

When it came to revamping her own 1950’s Cape Cod in West Townson, Baltimore, interior designer Leslie Tunney had 15 years of professional experience to pull from. Following the mantra “less is more” and compiling elements that would suit her practical, modern-chic style, she created a home just perfect for her growing family. In keeping with the simplicity she craved, the first goal on Tunney’s list was doing away with the formality of certain rooms in the existing structure and making them into spaces that her family could use every day. Among her list of conversions: turning a dining room into a home office, screened-in breezeway into a mudroom, and two-car garage into a family room. baltimore open floor plan More space was created in the living room and dining room areas by getting rid of the existing wall partition and replacing it with slim columns. Several of the room’s decorative elements were gathered from different times and places, creating a hodgepodge of traditional and modern styles. baltimore living room In the transformed family room, Tunney played on the original barn door left in the space by adding under-window cabinetry and wooden planks beneath the ceiling. She even brings together all the colors found in the furniture pieces and accessories in a landscape painting by Eric Abrecht. baltimore flipped kitchen The kitchen is home to an island designed by Tunney and Joe Leatherman, and is meant to pay homage to the service counter at Restoration Hardware. An open floor plan allows for a seamless transition between the kitchen and the dining room areas. baltimore bedroom design In the master bedroom, Tunney decided to make a few sacrifices. Extra square footage was exchanged for a master bath, and several windows were taken out to allow space for the bed’s headboard. Quiet solitude became the theme after mixing old and new furniture pieces together and topping it all off with a painting from Baltimore artist Dean Alfonzo. With the interior of her home looking exactly as she hoped it would, Tunney is now turning to her home’s landscape. Something tells me that when it comes to a decorator’s own house, the work is never done.

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