Spectacular Aspen Remodel

June 09, 2010 in Denver

Trained mostly as a modernist, it took the Colorado mountain landscape to pull architect Rich Carr of CCY Architects outside of his comfort zone. The result was this 4,200-square-foot Aspen home built with his family and green living... read full post →

Why the Boulder Housing Market Remains Unscathed

June 04, 2010 in Denver

Boulder, a mid-sized city tucked away in Colorado’s foothills, is known more by its stereotypes than beautiful scenery. But while the rest of the country paints it as a granola-slinging hippie hotspot and breeding ground for trust... read full post →

New Window Treatments?  How About a Whole New House Instead?

March 23, 2010 in Denver

Setting out with the innocent intention of finding new window coverings for their mammoth-sized living room windows, the owners of this vacation home in Avon, Colorado enlisted the help of Tracie Shumacher of local Studio80 to work her... read full post →

Gorgeous Denver Backyard Remodel - A Home Away From Home

March 23, 2010 in Denver

While most people get around to sprucing up their landscape after their home is in tiptop shape, an unexpected act of nature caused the Hamling family to go about things a little differently. A microburst struck their land only a... read full post →

A Storybook Remodel in the Colorado Countryside

March 22, 2010 in Denver

After vacationing for years on a pristine piece of ranchland near Carbondale, Colorado, the Deering family knew they’d found the perfect site for their dream home. Just one small problem. Their dream home came in the form of a... read full post →