Dallas Anchorwomans Home Remodel: Color, Culture and Crazy Good Taste

From Margaret Everton on March 8, 2010 in Dallas

dallas mediterranean dining roomdallas mediterranean decor

When it comes to home design, inspiration can come in a variety of packages. For Dallas Anchorwoman Jane McGarry and her husband, Kevin, the ideas surrounding their brilliantly-colored Mediterranean-esque pad also came from a variety of places over a number of years.

dallas mediterranean patiodallas living room

Jane first fell in love with color in the early 1990’s after visiting designer Ken Blasingame’s fabulously funky and shamelessly colorful store. Among her first purchases was a gold-leaf bench complete with a bright yellow and pink cushion. Then, after returning from a 2002 trip to Italy and becoming inspired by Sardinia homes, the McGarry’s decided to redesign a new home using Blasingame’s color expertise.

dallas mediterranean kitchen remodel

After hiring the designer and studying Sardinia’s architecture, the couple went through a year-long process of transforming their home. Pulling ideas from Greek, Latin and Italian culture, they filled each room with oversized furniture, distressed cabinetry, mismatched patterns and an extensive color palate. With careful attention paid to detail, each room became its very own focal point.

dallas mediterranean decordallas mediterranean hallway

In the end, this abode became a beautiful representation of a multitude of richly unique cultures. And that is pure home remodel success.

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