Crazy Color & Complete Happiness for Baltimore Artist Couple

From Margaret Everton on February 24, 2010 in Baltimore

colorful baltimore bedroom

If you ever get tired of hearing about serious design, here’s a story for you. You may not expect it from an elegant, quintessential, and prototypical rowhome near downtown Baltimore. However, what you see inside this Ednor Gardens house is something that will shock, please, and perhaps make you laugh all at once.

colorful baltimore vases

Owners Kim Domanski and Ed Istwan are artistic to the core. Kim had this to say about herself and her home: “We’re both happy people who love to laugh. I like to smile when I walk through the door.”

colorful baltimore deck

It certainly is a smiling style inside. It’s a style of color. Check this out. Entryway: bright yellow-green. Bathroom: turquoise. Bedrooms: kelly green and pink. Ed explains that it’s a color scheme “inspired by a TV test pattern.” With that as the template, everything just flowed - especially vivid paint colors. Even the back deck has a colorful floral-helical rug, and a hit-you-in-the-face pink bench.

colorful baltimore stairway

A sun-bright-light yellow stairway wall pulls you upstairs to find out more. Even the couple’s library - with hundreds of rainbow-colored books - provides an eclectic assemblage of colors that looks perfectly in place.

colorful baltimore library

It wasn’t all a flowing dream of things easily falling into place, however. They puzzled over certain design features. “We couldn’t find a pendant light to go with the dining room.” Their conundrum goes to show you that even in a seemingly crazy eclecticism like theirs, caution and care are in order. “Anything and everything” is not the motto. Ed finally decided to make his own pendant with electrical zip ties.

colorful baltimore living roomThe house design is about big, even if the house itself is kind of small. They use big graphic prints in various places. They have vast fabric swatches laminated onto plastic panels. They use expansive ceiling fixtures hanging over the beds. It’s big design in a small space, which makes the small space itself appear bigger.

colorful baltimore paint

It’s a house that’s all about color. It’s also about one’s crazy side, properly contained, of course. Ultimately, it’s about complete happiness. As Kim says, “I hope people sense that we enjoy living here.”

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