Condemned Bernal Heights Cottage Gets a Second Chance

From Margaret Everton on May 20, 2010 in San Francisco

san francisco cottage exterior

While old construction may have its charm, it also comes with a whole new set of obstacles. Take this San Francisco cottage – built in the 1860s, it’s one of the oldest in all of Bernal Heights. But with Feldman Architecture in charge, the house was able to maintain its original personality while taking on a modern perspective.

san francisco kitchen window

The existing structure was kept essentially the same with the exception of a small 10-foot-wide addition to the back. This space was made to house a garage, bedroom suite and studio office.

san francisco kitchen

In order to do away with the dark feel of the original interior, the roof and upper-level floor were cut away to allow for skylights and natural light. A bank of windows in the kitchen also helps in achieving this goal.

san francisco stairway

Careful attention was paid to the materials used in the remodel, including a rough stone wall, wooden floors, glass-paned windows and metal stair railings. The contrast that each of these create add interest to each of the rooms.

san francisco cottage library

Color was not spared in the design of the home, and as a result every space is inviting.

san francisco office

While the exterior of the home appears to never have changed, looks can be deceiving. Now, this once-condemned space can continue far into the 21st century.

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