College Kids Remodel Neighbors' Homes in 'Trading Spaces: LC Style'

From Margaret Everton on November 1, 2010 in Richmond

Inspired by the famous TLC show Trading Spaces, Lynchburg College is hoping to create stronger ties between their students and the surrounding community through a program they’ve dubbed “Trading Spaces: LC Style.” richmond trading spaces remodel With $1,000 to spend, students will be working on one room in a Hill City family’s home while that family works on one room in a dorm or house owned by the college. The brains behind this creative project was LC’s Office of Residence Life, who hoped to inspire bonds that otherwise would not exist. richmond trading spaces lynchburg Justin Yates, LC’s Assistant Director of Residence Life, also believes that a project of this magnitude could work wonders in teaching students how to budget and tackle all aspects of a home remodel. There’s certainly something to be said about out-of-the-box learning. Hopefully, both sides will be happy with the results. Photos via Flickr CC both by Nannette Turner

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