Cleveland Living Room Remodel: Dark and Stuffy-turned-Swanky and Comfy

From Margaret Everton on March 5, 2010 in Cleveland

When a tight budget isn’t conducive to purchasing elaborate furniture and ornate decor, redesigning a room may seem completely out of the question. But if you already have a house full of stuff ready for reconfiguring, then you’re well on your way to transforming your space. cleveland living room design Eric and Mary Wilburn had long since given up on their darkly furnished living room, and began spending all their time in their kitchen and family room. However, when Mary won them a spot in The Plain Dealer Inside & Out Redo Contest and a consultation with designers Tim Kempf and Scott Suskowicz, they were more than surprised with the results. cleveland living roomBefore: the room was fairly sparse and uncomfortable. The designers used the furniture that the Wilburn family already had, but toned it down and opened up the narrow room with a bright rug and colorful decorative pillows. The fireplace was painted as an accent wall to create interest in the space, and drapes were added, as well as new lamps and wall sconces. Once completed, the room is now the family’s preferred space for lounging. And that’s a sure sign of a successful design. cleveland living room plans

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